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♥Maolle Tora♥

this is a poem written for my mate and would like to share it with everyone and get feedback on it, if you don't like it fine that's cool I don't think I'm very good anyway. But I think the best way to get better is to get feedback on my work. Please do not steal this. this poem was written for my mate and meant for him and am trusting that no one will use it with out permission. If you are interested in using it please email me first.

♥Maolle Tora♥

Written by: Michael J. Cacioppo (QuietFire)

You are in my mind, my heart, and in my soul.

You are more than in me you part of me.

You are the missing puzzle piece that no one can find.

The piece that completes me.

You are the key to my mind, my heart and my soul.

The key that unlocks the secrets no one knows but me.

You are my strength and courage.

The strength that gets me through a hard day and the courage to be proud of what I really am.

You are the passion that drives me, the fuel that feeds my fire.

The fire that burns in my mind, my heart, and my soul.

You are my love, my mate, and my whole.

You complete me, without you I feel empty and find myself lost.

Lost and wondering, without purpose or cause, without meaning or love.

Your love for which I crave, I hunger, I seek.

The love that makes you my love, my mate, and my whole.

You are my calm, my peace, and my serenity.

You are the calm of my storm, my storm of rage, depression, and sadness.

When my feelings are strong, your voice is calm.

You guide me from my storm and make me see the truth.

The truth about me, the real me, the me that loves you.

So once again I say,

You are my calm, my peace, and my serenity.
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